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Getting published is part of the business of writing. Granted, it's not always easy to find the right home for your work. Queries, submissions, rejections are all part of the gig when you don the writer's hat. Regardless, it's always great to see your creative work fly out into the world. Below I've listed a few published pieces with brief audio excerpts, as well as a source link.

"Goodbye Again" miniskirt magazine, Issue 13, Starcrossed Lovers, creative nonfiction, June 2022

Would have, should have, could have. A story that reminds us of all the things we wished we'd said. Because waiting too long means sometimes it's simply too late.

"A Tale of Two Horses" Two Sisters Writing and Publishing, 2021 Diverse Voices Contest Winner, online and print anthology (forthcoming)

In a similar vein and format as "Sunday Picnic" on the Prose Poems page, "A Tale of Two Horses" explores the challenge of harnessing conflicting forces on the quest for individuation.

Sonoma Summers EBook BundleSonoma Summers Series (Books 1-3), Phoenix Publications, March 2020

Okay, so let me make this perfectly clear: I didn't set out to write Romance. Could never imagine introducing myself as a Romance writer (ehhhhwww!). But I found myself writing a few novellas with romantic elements and HEA/HFN (Happily Ever After / Happily for Now) endings. So, yeah... since the boots fit, I figured I might as well polish them.

The Sonoma Summers collection includes the first three books in this series — Never Say Never, Never Say No to Love, and Never Say Goodbye -- featuring Jess, Jackie, and Rita. Fall in love with this gripping set of novellas and prepare to be whisked away to a world full of family, friendships and love where you least expect it. Also available in Kindle ebook format.

"The Girl Scout and the Hitchhiker" Minerva Rising Press, Issue 13, Home, Spring 2017

Written with my cousin, Elaine Sorrentino. This piece juxtaposes Elaine’s poetry with my prose, allowing both voices to reflect similarities and differences via contrasting form, language, and style. See the Hybrid Collaborations page.

About Home . . . Home can mean different things at different points in our lives. East coast or west? Family of origin or family of choice? And what happens when the home you thought you had is no longer where you feel you belong?

Jesse Devyn Crowe