About the Author

CrowJesse Devyn Crowe (she/her/hers) shares a home with her fisherman husband and an adventurous Labrador Retriever at the very edge of the grid where she can see the stars. Her neighbors include mule deer, hawks, quail, Ponderosa pines, and coyotes. She enjoys gardening, bird-watching, and hiking, as well as the occasional weekend gathering of wild women friends. Much of Jesse's work explores the space where poetry and prose intersect, the juxtaposition of alternate worlds with the ordinary, and the influence the unseen brings into everyday life. Jesse was a finalist for the CRAFT First Chapters Contest and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Her creative work has appeared in Clamor, Minerva Rising, miniskirt magazine, and The Friendship Book anthology. She is currently finishing a short story collection. For a list of some of Jesse's published work, see the Publications page.

Jesse Devyn Crowe